Some info about Math Kangaroo in USA (March 17th, 2016)


Number of participants and scope of participation.
In USA 24,000 students got registered for Math Kangaroo 2016 at 514 Math Kangaroo Centers which include private and public schools, ethnic schools, after-school programs, libraries, churches, universities, and homeschooling sites. All Math Kangaroo 2016 Centers are listed on our webpage. Over 6,000,000 participants in about 60 countries are expected in Math Kangaroo 2016 worldwide.

You name our event differently: contest, exam, test. Why don’t we all accept the word competition, even Olympiad. Over 6,000,000 involved students, plenty of joyful gifts, t-shirts, games and a lot of learning should make each us feel proud of facilitating this affirmation of mathematics mastering. Thousands of American participants watch our Video Solutions this weekend (many have watched since September) and the youngest students practice with the new Answer Form. Thanks to each of you for your creative contribution to Math Kangaroo Competition in USA!