About us

Welcome to our “Az-Book-Ah!” Kids Center!
Our center is founded by parents like you who worry about their children’s education.
We always want the best for our kids, and try to give them as much as we can. We want our children to know and use our Native Language, and we also want them to be well-rounded, educated, and knowledgeable about the world around them.
“Az-Book-Ah!” Kids Center currently offers children’s classes in Arts and Art Studies, Stitching, Russian Language and Literature. As our center grows, we plan to add new classes to meet your needs.

Our Philosophy
For most kids the process of learning something new can be difficult, and even scary. We want to create a welcoming atmosphere for the kids, and be a place where they can get new knowledge and new friends, become confident and better their skills.
We believe that with the right approach, support, and help, each child can be successful in learning.

Our Goals
Our main goal is to make the learning process interesting and exciting. All programs in our center are based on individual approach to each child, considering his or her age, skill level, abilities and interests.
We want to develop interest in the learning and self-learning process in all our students, help them to learn self-sufficiency and master their prowess.
We want to give kids the knowledge that will be useful in their future life.

We would like your child’s learning experience in our center be interesting and useful. We welcome any comments you would like to share with us. If you have any questions or suggestions, please let us know.

Az-Book-Ah! Kids Center is a servicemark of Daitek Corporation, registered with a Commonwealth of Massachusetts.