Math enrichment classes!
The goal of our classes is your children's success - in school and in life. The classes are based on Massachusetts standard program, but with deeper and more enhanced studying of each topic. The classes will be taught in small groups of no more than 5-6 children per group, so each student will have the opportunity to actively participate in the program. We will try to help your children explore the wonderful kingdom of wit and develop such qualities as confidence, out-of-the-box thinking, logic and determination through solving difficult problems.
Our math teacher has many years of experience working in Russia (Moscow), Israel and the U.S., so she will be able to find individual approach to each student.
Class duration 50 min. and 1hour and 50 min (with 10 minutes brake)
Classes K – 8th grade are available in group and private sessions.
Classes 9th – 12th grade are available as private sessions only.

Please Contact Us for additional information.