Stitches And Crafts

In local schools, stitching classes are only offered in High School and they are optional. Most kids don’t choose this class, often because they don’t treat it as a priority, and as they are already very busy in high school, learning stitching is unfortunately often the last thing our kids want to do.
How many of you found crafts knowledge from school useful? How often you think:
“I wish I could…”
“A homemade placemat would look great on this table!”
“How should I decorate this room?”
“I need to stitch up the hemstitch of my favorite dress… but I can’t!”
Our program is designed to allow children to “create” with their hands, bring their ideas into life, develop their own designs and apply this knowledge to life. During the classes, we will learn basic stitching skills: embroidery, needlework, stitch work, cross-stitch, knitting, crochet work, and much, much more. We will learn everything you can do with your own hands – from clothing to interior decorations.
Our Stitches and Crafts classes may require a few additional materials provided by the student’s family. The list of necessary materials will be provided prior to the beginning of the project. All the projects will allow using affordable priced materials.
The program is specially designed, so the children of different ages (6 – 16) can work in the same class on different projects.
During the class each child will receive individual attention from the teacher.
Class duration 50 min.
Stitches and Crafts classes are taught in Russian and English.

Please Contact us for additional information.

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