Drawing and Painting Fundamentals

During our Drawing and Painting Fundamentals lessons we are learning to observe and notice the details of the world around us: how the light and shading are changing on object based on its surroundings, how we perceive the perspective, how the objects differ compared to one another - we are learning to compare and analyze. This helps children to develop attention and observation skills. We also learn how to shade, stroke, and work with a brush correctly; engage in special exercises for hand training, and making drawings designed especially for learning and strengthening of the new techniques. We are learning different ways of portraying the world around us, and how to convey certain special details and our impressions. During the lessons we work with a wide variety of materials: crayons, watercolor, acrylic paint, charcoal, pencils, gouache and oil pastels - all of this combined with different types of paper and instruments.
The class starts with the basics (drawing of simple geometric objects) and advances depending on skills and success of each individual child (still, human figure, and animal drawings)

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