Math Kangaroo 2018


Dear Math Kangaroo 2018 Participants and Parents,

Congratulations to all of the children participating last Thursday in Math Kangaroo 2018 competition. I was happy to see all the students and their love for mathematics.

Here is some information you may be interested in:

· At this time all answer forms were shipped to the SCANTRON facility for scoring. Their hardware and software are used for determining the results.

· Families of winners will be contacted by the beginning of May. Information about the winners will also be posted on MK website in May.

· The individual results of each participant will be emailed to all.

Math Kangaroo needs your help to design a beautiful image promoting the
competition next year. Math Kangaroo 2019 poster contest is still ongoing. Deadline – April 16th. Grand Prize - $250 Amazon Gift Card! See more details here: MK2019 POSTER
The correct answers will be posted on our web page: by April 16th. Information on the winners and the results will be announced in May.