Russian Language

Classes for children from 5 years old.

During the Russian Language classes the children will learn letters and sounds, prepare hands for writing and learn basic penmanship, as well as grow their vocabulary.
In that class, children will also work on their speech development. They will learn and develop Russian Language skills in a format that is easy for their age. Children will speak, put together sentences and learn to communicate. This class is focused to develop speech and area of thought of the children.
Reading is and important part of the Russian Language class. How intriguing is the world of Stories! And how interesting it is to listen to various stories and fairy tales! And how exciting it is for the kids to read them on their own, pointing their little finger in a book and happily exclaim: “This is a letter!”
During the Reading section of the class, children will learn to combine letters into syllables, syllables - into words, and words - into sentences. They will read on their own and enjoy stories read by their teacher.