Mommy and Me- My Education

Our class “Mommy and Me – My Education” is developed for children from 18 months to 2 years 9 months old. Children younger than 18 months may attend this class free of charge if space is available. This is a general education program for the young children.
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Class duration is 45 minutes.

Early education is very important as your child grows and develops. The earlier your child begins the learning process, the easier it will be for him or her to study in the future.
All the classes in this program are based on games and engaging activities, to ensure that your child is having fun and expresses continued interest in the classes. Each lesson includes classes in physical, social, personal, esthetic and speech development. This includes engaging physical exercises to music; songs, poems, dancing, fairy-tale reading, introduction to colors, letters, and numbers, introduction to the world around us, and early art. Special attention is paid to development of gross and fine motor skills.
Parent’s presence gives your child the additional feeling of safety and comfort. Gradual separation from a parent will start taking place during this learning process (by 2 years 9 months). So, when the time comes for the child to move up to the next group, he or she will be ready to attend classes by himself / herself.

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