How to pay your bill?


Our preferred method to accept payments from our clients is online. We do accept onsite payments as well.
Our payment processing system have slightly changed. We are still accepting personal and business checks - you can make a payment online once you'll get your bill in email.
We are not accepting credit/debit cards at this moment because of the cost of the processing. We will consider it if you agree to pay convenience fee for cards processing.
We are still using Intuit as our merchant account processor.
Please make sure that email with your bill sent by Az-Book-Ah! Kids Center. Click on View and Pay Invoice button. Make sure that website is ** Available method of payment will be shown. Click on Pay now button. On a next page please enter your banking information. Click Submit/ Pay OK- and that's it! Super easy, fast and secure!

We are thinking about possibilities to implement auto-pay feature- please let us know what do you think about it.